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The introduction of multi layered foil quilts has revolutionised the insulation industry. At Transform My Conservatory, we've been working with the industry's most forward thinking minds to invest in a product that's scientifically designed to deal with the the dedicated issues seen by conservatory owners across the UK

Relaxing at Home

Cooler In Summer

Keeping Your Conservatory Cool In Summer

Having the extra space a conservatory gives can be an incredibly useful area allowing you to have an additional living room, dining room or office. Now you can use your conservatory all year round

Warmer in winter

Keeping Your Conservatory Warm In Winter

The Insulated Conservatory Solution was developed with the British weather in mind, not only making your conservatory warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but also, reducing noise from turbulent weather. An extra criteria for a more comfortable space that you and your family can enjoy all year round

Brick Fireplace

Installation Process

Step by Step Installation Guide


Our team arrive promptly at the agreed time


The team then survey and measure each roof panel to determine the amount of each material required, cutting all materials to size on site, ensuring a bespoke quality finish


Once in place, we install our Super Quilt True Aluminium Foil Quilt System a bespoke quilting system specifically designed for Conservatories


Once complete, our installation team clean the conservatory and remove all of their work materials


If required our specialist tint is measured and fitted to the inside of the Conservatory Roof


Then we fix a pressure treated tantalised wooden sub-frame to your existing conservatory roof structure


We then repeat the process fixing a second timber sub-frame to the foil quilt system 


Once completed we finish by fitting the UPVC tongue and groove panels, ceiling strips and caps for a flawless, easy maintainable insulated ceiling

The Visual Installation Process


Lincolns local installer of conservatory insulations

  • Unique Multi-layered Super quilt - world's highest performing EN certified Reflective Multifoil Insulation on the market 

  • The only insulation developed for conservatories

  • 10 year warranty on materials and workmanship

  • Most installations only take a day to complete 

  • We insulate both polycarbonate and glass roofs 

Cooler In Summer

Quieter Living Space

High Energy Efficiency

Warmer In Winter

No Sun Bleaching

Reduced Energy Bills


Having the latest and best accreditations under our belt

We are happy to show off our accreditations to our customers not only to show credibility but to also show we are above board and only offer the best quality possible

Transform My Conservatory has a BBA approval and certification, this means that we can guarantee excellent service with a robust and impressive history you can trust. Transform My Conservatory has attained this accreditation through tightly knitted audits and inspections within the business that assure processes are being carried out correctly and efficiently. The BBA have been trusted with this accreditation service for over 50 years so you know that when you come to us there is no one better to put your faith in. We are one of very few companies to hold this level of praise and we believe that every company should be tried and tested to ensure a safe and efficient work environment is achieved and that the work carried out is of an excellent standard

Transform My Conservatory has an LABC assured compliance certificate, this provides our customers with a sense of comfort and ease when we carry out work for them as an official and high profile approval such as tan LABC certificates is not an easy thing to come by. An LABC approval also displays that even the finest of details are not forgotten and that our service will always be carried  out at a high standard. There is no argument when it comes to this type of accreditation, not one company can compare and compete with our level of service and we intent on only improving that statement in the future and beyond

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